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Recreational Boxing Program – Boxing&Fitness = Box-FIT
It is widely known that high performance boxers are some of the most fit athletes in the world. The intensity and variety of workouts for these high level fighters is what we offer our members, along with the expert instruction on how to make it work for your lifestyle. Open to Men, Women and Children of All Ages. The content of the classes are similar to Box-TECH but the length of your stay with us will determine how much you learn.

Train like a Fighter and Get Fit Without Getting Hit.

Amateur Boxing Program – Boxing&Technique = Box-Tech
Those of you who feel you are ready to endure the challenge of joining the ranks of Amateur Boxers are welcome to try out for our competitive program. You will need Desire and Determination along with Discipline and Dedication to reach the top. You will be coached by the best trainers and be given a personalized schedule in order to achieve your highest potential. This program is open to those who have an interest in competitive boxing or have already been competitive at other clubs. Call for more information. Special membership rates available for those who pass an evaluation and fitness test to fast-track their competitive status. Content of the classes are similar to Box-FIT but the longer membership plan allows you to learn more of the sport of Boxing as required to participate in open competitions.

Train harder than you ever thought possible and achieve results greater than you ever thought possible.

Professional Boxing Program
All of our competitive programs are designed and by Canadian Olympic legend Dr. Adrian Teodorescu, Ph.D., one of the most decorated coaches in Canadian history, and supervised by his Son, Armand Teodorescu, AIBA 2 Star Boxing Coach. Those who have already joined the Pro ranks and want to take their training to the next level, are welcome to come and train and spar with our fighters. Those who have been a part of Amateur boxing and feel you are now ready to join the professional ranks are also welcome. Head Coach Armand Teodorescu is available to those who are interested in personal training and for Management & Promotional purposes, but it is not mandatory. For more information please email us or come by the gym and speak with him.

Benefit from the Experience of a proven Champion-Building Tradition.