Hall of Champions

Atlas Boxing Club has trained many successful fighters at both the amateur (Olympic, Pan-Am, Commonwealth Games) and professional levels.

2015 Pan-Am Games

  • Arthur Biyarslanov (Pan American Games Junior Welterweight Champion; 3x Amateur Canadian Light Welterweight Champion; participant at the 2014 Commonwealth Games)
  • Mandy Bujold (first back-to-back Pan American Games Champion, 6x Amateur Canadian Female Flyweight Champion; Bronze medalist at the 2014 Commonwealth Games)

Past Champions

  • Lennox Lewis (former undisputed World Heavyweight Champion and 1988 Olympic Gold Medalist)
  • Donavan “Razor” Ruddock (former pro Heavyweight Contender)
  • Egerton Marcus (former NABF Cruiserweight Champion and 1988 Olympic Silver medalist)
  • Marc LeDuc (1992 Olympic Silver Medallist)
  • Domenic Filane (10x Light Flyweight Champion of Canada and 2 time Olympic participant)
  • Mark Simmons (4x Canadian Amateur Heavyweight Champion and Olympic participant)
  • Victor Lupo (former pro WBA Fedecentro and Canadian Welterweight Champion)
  • Barrington Francis (former pro IBF Light Flyweight Champion)
  • Donovan Boucher (former pro Commonwealth Welterweight Champion)
  • Amado Cabato (former pro Philippine Bantamweight Champion)
  • Stephen Molitor (former pro IBF Banatamweight Champion and former NABA and Commonwealth Bantamweight Champion)
  • Arthur Cook (Amateur Canadian Heavyweight Champion and former pro WBC Youth Heavyweight Champion)
  • Nevan Pajkic (pro Canadian Heavyweight Champion)
  • Greg Kielsa (Amateur Polish Super Heavyweight Champion and former pro Canadian Heavyweight Champion)
  • Raymond Olubowale (former pro CAM Heavyweight Champion)
  • Jason Douglas (Amateur Canadian Heavyweight Champion)
  • Jonathan Bochner (6x Ontario and Canadian Welterweight Champion)
  • Wendy Broad (Amateur Canadian Female Lightweight Champion)
  • Carin Dodsley (Amateur Canadian Female Middleweight Champion)
  • Aaron Huggins (2015 Amateur Ontario Super Heavyweight Champion)
  • Dawson Gibson (2014 Amateur Canadian Super Heavyweight Champion)
  • Alison Greey (2014 Amateur Canadian Female Light Heavyweight Champion)
  • P.G. Tondo (3x Amateur Youth & Senior Canadian Light Flyweight Silver medalist)
  • Shayneisha Kelly (3x Amateur Female Junior & Youth Welterweight Canadian Silver medalist)
  • Adrian Halford (2014 Amateur Canadian Youth Flyweight Champion & participant at the 2014 Youth World Championships)